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Maritime Route Strategies

Will include:  Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Taipei, Quanzhou, Hong Kong, Hainan, Macau, Kunming, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Djibouti, Mecca, Cairo, Venice, and Berlin.

Southern Overland Route

Will include:  Urumqi (China), Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey

Northern Overland Route

Will include:  Beijing, Moscow, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, and Scandinavia

Mission Statement


Mission Statement for Belt and Road Database was established in 2013 with the announcement by Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party. We are, by design, an international think tank modeled on Eastern Studies Database, created in 1994.  At its height, ESD had over 50,000 active teacher members and over 2 million student users. Due to lack of funding, we had to close this very useful open source of information.  Our mission now, as was our mission then, is to intentionally be apolitical, non-sectarian, unaligned and independent. In short, we are neutral in the tradition of countries like Switzerland and Singapore.

     What do those countries have in common? While their local politics might be contested, they both have a strong non-sectarian, unaligned (neutral), and independent philosophy of how to do business. They are the center of the wheel, to use one of my favorite philosophical Taoist bromides. is intent on also being the center of the wheel. 

     My parents impressed upon me at an early age that there was no pancake so flat that it did not have two sides. Every country in the world has their reasons for doing what they do. Sometimes, their reasoning is sound, and at other times their actions (or inactions - Wuwei) are inadvisable. We at BRD do not make recommendations; we offer alternatives. Our philosophy is that the principals involved should make these decisions based on research and dependable data, not us.

     In addition, we maintain a useful job bank that is free for qualified A students for entry level positions in business. Currently, we have over 6000 qualified students that service over 200 multinational companies.  

If a principal or client approaches us, we do the necessary research, and then build a short, but highly probable, list of potential outcomes for potential actions taken. We do not recommend or advise, but create alternatives with alternative outcomes that the client may choose or not choose at their discretion. We are discreet, and confidentiality is one of our guidelines when dealing with sensitive issues.

     On the other hand, we are an open source of general information on the Belt and Road when it comes to the  general public. Our online content is transparent and relatively comprehensive. However, we do maintain a large base of highly qualified experts on the Belt and Road with content that is only available to private companies and government institutions. This is the nature of think tanks.

We welcome partnering opportunities for other organizations to work with us. Feel free to send us inquiries at any time to Our goal is to educate the public at large about the Belt and Road, and to provide sound alternatives for our clients.

Dr. Arthur H Tafero

Belt and Road Database

Company Strategies B&R


Chinese Companies

Strategies for Alibaba, Huawei, Baidu, Lenovo, Sinopec, CGTN, and several others.  We provide educational resources and highly-qualified entry-level professionals for your workforce as well.


Strategies for Bank of China, AIIB, ICBC, CCB, ABC, UBS, HSBC, Bank of Singapore and several others


Strategies for Prudential, AXA, Ping An, China Life and others

High End Companies

Strategies for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Google, Apple, Microsoft and several others

Low End Companies

Strategies for Walmart, Carrefour, Metro, and others


Strategies for Facebook, Amazon, Coke, Pepsi, (KFC, Pizza Hut - YUM), Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, and several others

About Us

Full Service Academic Content Provider


We can provide Belt and Road instructional texts, syllabi, course outlines, lesson plans, instructors and online script modules for both Graduate and BA programs.

Professional Seminars


Professional seminars for banking, insurance and private company executives seeking expertise in Belt and Road ventures.  Sales, Qualifying Clients, and Logistical Support among topics.  All educational resources provided.

International Job Bank


We can provide top-notch candidates for entry-level business positions from our job bank, who are prepared for Belt and Road ventures.  E-Portfolios available for each candidate.  Our Belt and Road data is comprehensive.

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Director:  Dr. Arthur H Tafero


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Dr. Arthur H Tafero – Director – Content Development, Seminars

Dr. Paul Eberle – Central Asian Resident Expert – Central Asian Route

Sharon Jumper, JD – Legal Counsel, Contract Negotiations

Gary Giss – Southeast Asian Resident Expert – Maritime Route

Dr. David Yu – Singapore Resident Expert – Maritime Route

Dr. Shoucat Iqbal Khattak – Pakistan Resident Expert – Central Asian Route

Dr. Vahid Keyani – Iran Resident Expert- Central Asian Route

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