Business Education and Consulting

International Trade Consultant

Reseach Guide and Text Book


We can provide a published research guide and/or a companion textbook in either English or Chinese for your business school.  Both available on

Professional Seminars


We can provide professional seminars for your bank or private company with unique Belt and Road content.

Online Script Modules


Professionally written and edited online script modules in both English and Chinese for course instructors of Belt and Road content.

Belt and Road Lesson Plans


Belt and Road Lesson Plans custom-designed for development and delivery for your school or business.

Job Bank


We have a qualified pool of business majors with skills in English, Chinese, Advertising, Marketing, Accounting, Content Writing, and Tech.  Our International Trade Consultants are among the best in China

Syllabi and Course Content


We can custom-design Belt and Road  related syllabi and course content for development and delivery for educational institutions. We provide consulting and educational content for private companies as well.


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About Us

Bank Seminars

*  We provide unique professional seminars for Loan Officers and other banking officials involved with qualifying loan applications for the Belt and Road. 

Academic Content

* We provide cutting-edge business school curriculum content that you may not have for International Trade with China.

Private Companies

* Before you dive in the deep waters of doing business in China and the Belt and Road, it pays to get good professional advice.  We are one of the leading International Trade Consulting services in China.